***There will be no fence classes due to ring conditions***

Horse Show Information

Horseshow Superintendent — Carol Birdsey
2 Randolph Rd
Middletown, CT 06457

860-344-1804 leave message • Fax 860-345-3357
Please no calls after 9:30 pm

Sunday • 8:30 am Rain or Shine

Horse Show Rules

Only Riders will be allowed free entry into the Fair; all others will be required to pay admission. The Haddam Neck Fair’s NO DOGS Policy applies. All trucks and trailers must be parked in an orderly manner in the designated area. All other vehicles must be parked in the general parking lot, with no exceptions. Vehicles not parked properly will be towed at the owner’s expense. The Haddam Neck Fair Horse Show will use The New England 4-H Horse Show Rule Book as their official rulebook. This rulebook may be found at www.4-h.uconn.edu under Publications.


Health Regulations

The Haddam Neck Fair adheres strictly to State of Connecticut Regulations. A photo copy of current Coggins & Rabies certificates must be submitted to the show secretary with each entry. May be mailed, or emailed to rbirdsey01@snet.net or faxed to 860-345-3357 attention horse show to save time the morning of the show. Must be received by August 29th by 5pm.

Age Divisions

All ages will be based on the rider’s age as of January 1, of the current year. Only human age and ability level will be used to determine division entry. All beginner riders are combined youth and adult. Adult riders are walk/trot/canter or walk/jog/lope riders who are 18 and over as of 1/1/19. Open Divisions are open to all walk/trot/canter or walk/jog/lope riders. Lead line riders may be any age. Lead Line and beginner riders may only enter classes within their divisions. Youth open to all riders under age 18.

Entry Fees

Classes are $10.00 each. Jumping Warm Up is $5.00 cash paid at gate. The Classic Classes are $15.00 and special prizes and ribbons will be awarded in these classes. A post entry fee $20.00 will be charged for any entry not received by August 28, 2019. There will be a $50 charge for any returned check. The Haddam Neck Fair reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone with an outstanding balance from last year. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECK OR MONEY WITH ENTRY

Prizes & Payback

6 ribbons and a trophy or prize will be awarded in each class, or a payout of $15 for 1st, $10 for 2nd and $5 for 3rd. Classes must have a minimum of 6 in class for payback. If a class has payback it will not have a trophy or prize. No payback for Classics & Lead Line: there will be ribbons for all lead line participants. Must go in all classes of division to be eligible for championship.

Attire and Equipment

ASHA/SEI APPROVED & PROPERLY FITTED HARD HATS – with harnesses are required for all riders & drivers whenever mounted or driving, who are under the age of 19 regardless of riding seat or style. Hard hats (helmets) are also required for all jumping classes. We encourage all Adult participants to wear hard hats to set a good example to our youth. Proper attire is required for all English and Western classes. Martingales will be permitted in fence classes only.

Behavior and Designated Area

The Haddam Neck Fair Association and the Haddam Neck Fair Horse Show Committee will not be responsible for injury to animals, persons, or damage to property of exhibitors or spectators. Horses are allowed only in designated areas. Horses are to be led or ridden at the walk only in these areas. The rider of any horse found outside of the designated area or violating the above rule may be asked to leave and their entry fees will be forfeited. Any persons causing risk of injury to himself or other exhibitors, spectators, or showing unnecessary roughness or being discourteous will be disqualified from further competition, and receive no refund.


All known kickers must identify themselves with a red ribbon. The judge may excuse a horse or rider for unfitness, mistreatment, or health concerns. No Stallions are allowed. Decision of the Judge is final.

To qualify for championships, contestants must compete in the following classes:

Beginner English Walk/Trot 19, 20, 21
Beginner Western Walk/Jog 32, 36, 37
Youth English 9, 10, 11
Youth Western 33, 40, 41
Adult English 16, 17, 18
Adult Western 34, 38, 39
Open English 12, 13, 14
Open Western 35, 42, 43
Open Equitation 15, 27
Lead Line 3, 4, 5
Small Equine 44, 45, 46
Driving 47, 48, 49
Green Horse 6, 7, 8
Beginner Gymkhana 47, 48, 49, 50
Youth Gymkhana 51, 53, 55, 57
Open Gymkhana 52, 54, 56, 58
Must be present to receive Championship — they will not be mailed or delivered.

Horse Show — Class Descriptions

Small Equine In-Hand Suitability – Open to horses or ponies 12 hands or under. To be shown at the walk & trot. Judges may ask for any of the following commands: walk, extended walk, trot, extended trot, side-pass, back along the rail, stand, halt, reverse at any gait, or any other command as the judges deems fit.

Small Equine In-Hand Jumping – Open to horses or ponies 12 hands or under. To be shown over a course of jumps. Course will be posted.

Small Equine In-Hand Obstacle – Open to horses or ponies 12 hands or under. To be judged over a series of obstacles that might be encountered on the trail. Will be on an outside course. Course will be posted. Measurements will be taken if deemed necessary. Horses do not have to be registered.

Reinsmanship Driving – Judged on the skill of the driver and their communication with the horse. To be shown both ways of the ring at the walk, jog trot, and working trot or alternate gaits. May be asked to rein back.

Pleasure Driving – Judged on the suitability of horse to provide a pleasant drive. To be shown at a walk, trot & extended trot both ways of the ring. Must stand quietly and back readily. An adult may ride as an attendant.

Obstacle Driving – To be driven as a performance class. To be driven at the trot over a prescribed course of obstacles. After passing through the starting line the competitor shall proceed through each obstacle to the designated finish line. Time will be used to break ties only. Horses who canter will be penalized. In the event of a tie a drive off will be required.

Equitation and Horsemanship – Exhibitors may be asked to perform an individual test, and will be judged on rider’s seat, hands, the performance of the horse and suitability of the horse and rider.

Pleasure – Judged on horse’s ability to provide a pleasurable ride. Should be shown on a reasonably loose rein with light contact.

Discipline – Judged on ability to perform, immediately and correctly, the judge’s commands. Riders will not be eliminated for a fault.

Green Horse – Open to horses in the first two years of showing. Not open to beginner riders. Horses may cross-enter into another division as long as their tack is not changed and the horse is not to be ridden by a beginner.

Lead Line – Halter with lead line attached under bridle. No age limit. Open to riders who are UNABLE to handle a horse safely on their own. To be judged at a walk and trot or jog. Must be led by an adult for safety purposes, but the rider should have control of the animal. Open to English and Western riders who have never shown in any class other than lead line.

Beginner Walk Trot – Open to riders who have never shown at a canter/lope.

Trail – The course will consist of up to ten obstacles. The rider will be allowed three tries at each.

The John Chiarella Memorial Classic – will have an equitation pattern then pleasure on the rail.

The Dick Woolam Memorial Classic 4-H Equitation Classic – will be judged as an equitation class and may have a pattern.

Horse Show Classes

RING 1 – English

1. Open Fitting & Showmanship
2. Lead Line Pleasure
3. Lead Line Equitation
4. Lead Line Discipline
5. Green Horse Pleasure Eng. & West W/T
6. Green Horse Pleasure Eng. & West W/T/C
7. Green Horse Eng. & West Discipline W/T
8. Youth English Pleasure
9. Youth English Equitation
10. Youth English Discipline.
11. Open English Equitation
12. Open English Pleasure
13. Open English Discipline
14. Open Equitation on the Flat
15. Adult English Equitation
16. Adult English Pleasure
17. Adult English Discipline
18. Beg. English Walk/Trot Equitation
19. Beg. English Walk/Trot Pleasure
20. Beg. English Walk/Trot Discipline
21. Working Hunter Under Saddle Jumping warm up (unjudged) $5.00 to be in Cash paid at gate

RING 2 – Western

*to begin following lead line*

27. Beginner Walk/Jog Trail (all riders in ring, together)
28. Youth Western Trail (all riders in ring, together)
29. Adult Western Trail (all riders in ring, together)
30. Open Western Trail (all riders in ring, together)
31. Beginner Walk/Jog Pleasure
32. Beginner Walk/Jog Horsemanship
33. Adult Western Pleasure
34. Adult Western Horsemanship
35. Youth Western Pleasure
36. Youth Western Horsemanship
37. Open Western Horsemanship
38. Open Western Pleasure
39. Small Equine In Hand Suitability
40. Small Equine In Hand Jumping
41. Small Equine Obstacle
42. Haddam Neck Fair W/T/J Pleasure Classic
43. Haddam Neck Fair Pleasure Classic
44. Dick Woolam Memorial 4-H Equitation Classic
45. John Chiarella Memorial Classic
4 6. Reinsmanship
47. Pleasure Driving
48. Obstacle Driving

Championship Divisions

Lead Line……………………………………… 2, 3, 4
Green Horse…………………………………. 5, 6, 7
Beginner English Walk/Trot……..18, 19, 20
Youth English……………………………… 8, 9, 10
Adult English……………………………16, 17, 18
Open English……………………………11, 12, 13
Open Equitation……………………….14, 24, 26
Working Hunter……………………….21, 23, 25
Beginner Western Walk/Jog………27, 31, 32
Youth Western…………………………..28, 35, 36
Adult Western…………………………..29, 33, 34
Open Western…………………………..30, 37, 38
Small Equine…………………………….39, 40, 41
Driving……………………………………..46, 47, 48

Must go in all classes of division to be eligible for championship.

Must be Present to receive Championship.
They will not be mailed or delivered.

A full list of all class rules and course layouts
will be posted at the secretary’s booth the day of the show