Commercial, Food & Non-Profit Organizations

The Haddam Neck fair is always seeking new and different vendors. All vendors need to have a clean professional looking concession. Vendors need to plan on staffing its booth for the hours of the Fair indicated in the contract, regardless of the weather conditions. Any vendor that makes the decision to leave early, arrive late or otherwise set their own hours, will have their contract terminated and will be requested to leave the fairgrounds.

All vendor space is outside and vendors need to provide their own tables, chairs and shelters.

The Fair will provide electrical connections (110v 20 amp) for vendors. The Fair must be notified if other electrical requirements are needed.

Food Vendors and Commercial Vendors only will be provided with a reasonable number of gate passes to staff its booth. No passes will be issued to non-profit organizations.

All first-time vendors must send pictures of their set up and all vendors must send a specific list of products you wish to sell.  These must be included with the application. Vendors will be allowed to sell only the products indicated on their application and contract.

All vendors must have and provide evidence of insurance coverage (certificate of insurance). If you are a non-food vendor and do not have your own business insurance you can apply for coverage through the Fair.

Food Vendors

There is a limited amount of space available for Food Vendors. Food Vendors in good standing from the previous fair are given the opportunity to return for the current fair. The Haddam Neck Fair offers a variety of foods and tries not to duplicate menu items. Please include a photo and a sample menu along with space and accurate power requirements with your application.

For information on Food Concession at the Haddam Neck Fair, please contact Randy Spencer at

Non-Profit Organizations

The Haddam Neck Fair would like to assist non-profit organizations to raise funds and promote their mission. There is no charge for non-profit organizations to have a space at the Haddam Neck Fair. All spaces are outside, 10’x 10’ in size and are located against the front fence of the fairgrounds. Non-profit organizations are not provided passes to the fair. Space in this area is limited.

Non-profit Application

Commercial Vendors

The Haddam Neck Fair presents an opportunity for commercial vendors to sell their products and offer their services. The fair will have a variety of vendors and tries not to duplicate items.  Rates for Commercial vendors are $20 per frontage foot (basic spaces are 10’x10’). Outdoor space only is available. A completed application does not guarantee a place at the fair. If your application is accepted you will be sent a formal contract.

Commercial Application